Innovation Program @ Silicon Valley

Innovation Program @ Silicon Valley


In our increasingly globalized world, advancements in technology are progressing faster than ever before. Join the next generation of leaders and influencers on an international learning experience that will help you kick-start your career and give you the global advantage. Visit renowned universities and interact with experts in technology& medicine.

  • About Us
    • SMART Training Resources in association with Scholastic Expeditions (USA) has designed a programme to provide exceptional learning opportunities for Students in Technology and Medicine. Our programme address the most relevant challenges in society and provide programmes meant to teach, transform and inspire in impactful ways.

      Together with tech giant insiders, medical researchers, start-up entrepreneurs and more, students learn from some of the most successful and innovative individual’s first hand. Teaching divergent, creative and non-linear thinking is a cornerstone of these programs. Each program offers personal workshops, peer to peer interaction and round tables with keynote speakers.

      More than exposure, students will learn experientially by doing. Students will visit and work at Stanford, Harvard, UCSF, Berkeley, UCLA etc. to name a few. They will also have access to some of the leading companies in the world such as Google, Facebook, HP, and Tesla when attending these exceptional programs.

      Students return from our programmes with a deeper understanding and ready to apply knowledge in their lives.


      Pre Tour Workshop: A 2-day orientation workshop will be conducted by SMART prior to the tour to orient students on what to expect during the program and how to maximize outcomes. Cultural adaptation and introduction to divergent thinking will also be touched upon.

      Post Tour Mentoring: 6 months access to the SMART-Scholastic Webinar Portal for interactive online sessions with education and industry experts from the US.

  • Programmes Highlights
    • Interaction with leading professors and researchers at world renowned universities and companies such as Stanford, MIT, University of California in Berkeley, and Harvard, Facebook, Google, Intel, Tesla, Boeing, etc., that help build your resume with critical differentiation to stand out when applying for a job or higher education.

      Opportunities to meet and engage with leaders and from universities and industry – aspirational figures that will motivate you to aspire to new heights. Workshops from these leading practitioners allow you to better harness your creativity and critical thinking skills.

      Exposure to various career and higher study options available – especially the less explored.

      Understanding the importance of interdisciplinary studies and the critical impact on global ecosystems

      Follow-up learning opportunities post the tour through online webinars and interact sessions with experts.

  • Innovation in Technology

      Learn about technology in one of the most prosperous and influential areas of the world, home of innovative companies, shifting industries, and more:

      Silicon Valley, California!

      Travel to the cities of Silicon Valley including San Jose, Mountain View, and Palo Alto to experience this rich landscape of education and business first hand. The best way to learn what this place is all about is to visit for yourself!

      Experience student life by touring state-of-the-art university facilities at Stanford, University of California Berkeley, and University of California Santa Cruz.

      Interact with college professors and learn how innovations in technology are altering the trajectory of our world and expanding the horizons of possibility.

      Listen to entrepreneurs share their story, meet and be inspired by engineers and designers from leading technology companies, and explore the pioneering ideas, products and services that will define our future.

      Engage through hands-on workshops, roundtable discussions, field experiences, and cultural exchanges. The iconic landscapes and cityscapes of California’s Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area are home to tech powerhouses such as Google, Tesla, and Facebook, and provide an exciting environment to jump-start your career in technology.

      Duration – 12 days

  • Innovation in Medicine
    • Travel to California’s dynamic San Francisco to be immersed in the rapidly advancing world of medical technology. Visit state-of-the art laboratories while you tour top-notch learning institutions, like University of California San Francisco and Harvard University.

      Meet researchers pioneering advances in cancer therapy, bioinformatics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering.

      Participate in collaborative innovation workshops where university professors and medical students will assist you as in bringing your projects to life. While in San Francisco, enjoy the city’s vibrant culture and iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and Fishermen’s Warf.

      Duration – 12 days

"As we strongly believe in bringing the best to our students, we chose SMART Training Resources as our training partners. The contribution of SMART in preparing our students for being job ready through their training programmes is one of the main reasons for our students being placed successfully in campus recruitments for the past several years. We take great pleasure in the fact that we were able to maintain placement rates of 90% and above even during tough times when opportunities were scarce. We wish SMART Training Resources India Pvt Ltd. All the Best."

-Mr A Arun Ramaswami

Velammal Group of Institutions

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