“You must learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else” – Albert Einstein

People are your company’s greatest resources. Your bunch of new executives has a sound academic background. The Organization is willing to give them credence to excel in their duties.

  • Are your executives Job Ready?
  • Are they equipped with the essential skills?
  • Would you want to invest on 3 -6 months of Organization time?
  • Why would you want to invest on other resources involved?

Our Hire, Train and Deploy model is unique in character, derived at to match Industry demands for quality people at entry level.


  • You hire from a lateral source and we Train
  • You hire from our database of young, trained executives


  • Earlier job experience is not mandatory
  • The candidate is interviewed and shortlisted by the company
  • The candidate is offered a provisional offer letter from the company
  • SMART Trains up the candidate
  • A Compulsory review is conducted
  • Final round of Interview with the Company
  • Candidate gets an offer letter upon getting through in the final interview

Your First time Executives will build competencies prevalent across business disciplines by attending our 40 hour program. An interactive workshop that would boost confidence levels, guide and teach the principles of work environment and culture. This Transformation workshop is tailored for “Job Ready”.

  • Self awareness
  • General Life skills
  • Business technologies
  • Industry activities
  • Specific domains

Equipped with our program, your Executives would meet the expectations of the business industry. They are ready citizens of the corporate world.

Other modules for specific Training programs will be customized to your requirement.

“ SMARTICA has adopted social responsibility as a MANTRA to be a successful organization. We on behalf of NASSCOM wish SMARTICA All the Very Best! for their future endeavours ”
K Purushothaman NASSCOM, Read more