Today’s business world is changing faster than ever. Organizations are rethinking, restructuring and reshaping the way they do business. This is the time, an employee needs to stay current, take steps to improve job performance, and map out the plans for the future, evaluate and sharpen General Life Skills.

Success of an organization depends on 3 important factors, its ‘People, people and people’. Our modules for Life skills Training for your executives are power packed with just the right mix of programs that would benefit personal lives as well the organization. They inculcate values that are desirable for maintaining ethical practices in an organization.

  • Team Building
    • In order to maintain balance in an organization, Team building and bonding amongst various members becomes vital for the success of an organization. ‘Bond within the team’, brings about positive impact on business performance and profits.Our Team building training activities develop a collaborative team with open communication and high efficiency that build-up organization’s market reputation and credibility. It brings out the best in them, breaks ice, especially for new members in the team, motivates and builds confidence, effective in solving conflicts, allows understanding of colleagues personally.
  • Leadership Skills
    • There are successful leaders who take their organization to meet benchmarks, and then there are leaders who ‘Raise the Bar’ to take the organization beyond the benchmark, stirring the future of the company to create history. They are Leaders who constantly inspire their team members and carry them along the organization Vision.All achievements are linked to their ability to manage, track and communicate, to keep their workforce informed and link reward systems with individual and team performance to keep them engaged in their work.Our Leadership program instills qualities of
    • Setting goals
    • Motivating team members
    • Delegating responsibilities
  • Personality Grooming & Development
    • “In the history of the universe, there has been nobody like you and to the infinity of time to come, there will be no one like you. You are original. You are rare. You are unique. Celebrate your uniqueness.” – Sri Ravi ShankarAn Individual in his / her entirety, complimented by attitudes, interests, behavioral patterns, emotional responses and social roles is defined as personality.Trainable traits identified through our programs will allow employees to confidently take ownership of his / her career development.
    • Public Speaking
    • Body language
    • Behavioral
    • Physical Fitness
    • Habits
    • Handling Negativity
“I am really happy to note that you are doing a wonderful service to the engineering society and helping the young engineers to elevate themselves to become employable... I wish the very best in th new endeavor and a great success for SMARTICA. ”
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