Communication in English today has become crucial as it has emerged as a bridge language in society. More importantly “Functional English” or everyday conversational English is gaining more importance as it has become a necessity in all walks of life.

If students have had little exposure to English as a medium of communication, it would affect their entry into an organization and their subsequent success in it.

We at SMART Training Resources (India) Pvt Ltd. have developed the English Language Development program to enhance the communication skills of students. This training programme helps students communicate their technical and general knowledge in a better way. It can also help them improve their academic results thereby improving their chances of getting placed.

  • Objectives of English Language Development Program
      The objective of the course is to:

    • Impart the fundamentals of English as a language.
    • Deal systematically with the four aspects of language i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking.
    • Facilitate an improved academic performance.
    • Remove fear which is a stumbling block for many in their quest for speaking better.
  • Features of English Language Development Program
    • Concept Building and Strengthening
    • Focus on Functional English Skills
    • Practically Applicable Training
    • Highly Qualified Delivery Experts
    • Interactive Learning Modules
“ The faculty at SMART are really knowledgeable and they ensure that there is not a boring movement as the classes. Great job SMART!. Keep it up ”
Pradeep R , (B.E – MECH) Read more