Employability Benchmarking for Entry Level Graduates

The Challenge

Finding the right candidate for a job can be a herculean task in today’s job market for three simple reasons

  • checkLoads of candidates apply
  • checkLack of precise cost-effective tools to filter suitable applicants
  • checkNo consistent framework for comparison

The Smart Solution

The SMART eSCORE is a standard benchmarking test designed to assess the Employability Quotient of graduates for entry level jobs. It has numerous advantages, the most important being

  • checkUniform parameters of evaluation
  • checkRelevance to the Indian job market
  • checkScope to stand out among lakhs of job applicants
  • checkSimplicity of delivery
  • checkFuss-free analysis and reports

Areas Evaluated

  • checkLanguage skills
  • checkLogic
  • checkReasoning
  • checkQuantitative Aptitude
  • checkVerbal Ability
  • checkTechnical skills

Other Benefits

  • checkTest takers know exactly where they stand, what they are good at and what they need to work on. There is no cap on the number of times candidates can take the eSCORE, thus allowing scope for improvement.
  • checkSMART has access to students across the length and breadth of India by virtue of their strength in Placement Training. Obtaining the eSCORE is the logical next step for any SMARTian. So every time a company wants to hire freshers, the fastest and most effective way would be to reach out to the SMART eSCORE database, and pick the most suitable candidates based on the role-based requirements.