Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are different from other skills in terms of it being the only set of skills which can never truly be crammed into anybody. These skills can only be polished at best. No one can teach you how to be polite, but a basic knowledge of social etiquette and professional protocol can go a long way in the corporate world.

In this highly competitive job market, employers seek for candidates with highly desired professional traits like teamwork, dependability, adaptability, problem solving, and communication skills. Hard skills like subject knowledge are essential for students to get placed in their dream job. However, it is soft skills that help them excel their job.

Features of Our Soft Skills Training

We at SMART Training Resources help students enhance the following soft skills through our extensive training programme.

  • Self Esteem: Soft skills can boost up the self-esteem of students thereby helping them perform their job better.
  • Interpersonal Skills: This is one of the essential traits required for better communication and teamwork.  This is a crucial skill that every student has to master before taking up a job.
  • Body Language: Body language, controlled by an individual’s subconscious, can reveal a lot about a person. A proper understanding in it is critical for a professional job environment.
  • Business Etiquette: This refers to a set of behavioural guidelines for the business world.
  • Goal Setting: A much needed trait for students before they step into the corporate world.
  • Presentation Skills: Delivering an idea in a fashionable way is one of the most looked upon qualities in large organizations. Students with great presentation skills have an edge over their peers.
  • Critical Thinking: This refers to the ability of recognizing problems and taking responsible decisions to overcome them.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. Soft skills training play a major role in boosting enthusiasm and honing attitude in students.

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Senthil Kumar, Channai

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